NVQ Level 3 Steel Fixer

The Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Steelfixing Occupations is aimed at individuals who are working towards gaining national recognition of their prior learning and experience in the industry. The qualification is a good fit for those who’re employed as steel fixers in the construction industry, as it is a way for them to upgrade not only their skillset but also their ability to work with teams. This program will lead you to become a supervisor on construction sites in the UK and excel in your craft. Additionally, delegates will be eligible to apply for the CSCS Gold Card, which is more of a proof of their competence as steel fixers.

This is a work-based qualification, which means that those enrolling on the program must have access to a workplace. In order to produce the portfolio of evidence, the delegate must comply with the requirements of the NVQ. Unless you have a workplace where you can perform the tasks and give your assessor tangible proof of your skillset, this qualification will not be a good fit for you. It is highly recommended that you pay attention to this point and secure a relevant role so that you can produce the evidence needed to pass this qualification.

This qualification is a complete package for those looking to enhance their overall understanding and exposure to this domain. It takes the learner on a journey, starting from the basics of health and safety, then productive practices in the workplace, and finally, actually doing the real thing: fixing steel reinforcements.

Upon completion of this diploma, you will receive a certificate from ProQual. Additionally, the qualification has been accredited onto the Regulated Quality Framework (RQF).

What Is The Process Like To Complete This NVQ?

Before you proceed any further, make sure you are employed as a steel fixer in the construction industry. If you are not sure if the role you are in actually falls under the category that we encourage to pursue this NVQ, then you may send an enquiry so we can assign you an assessor who will make sure you are in the right industry. And, if by any chance, it is found that you are on the wrong page and there is some other NVQ that suits your experience, they will guide you towards that.

Assuming that you are in a similar role, the next stage involves you filling out a form. This is a registration form that our team will share with you to evaluate your current understanding of the role. It is not some sort of evaluation, so sit tight, and simply add in your details. Based on this form, we will assign you an assessor who will work with you to address any learning gaps in your previous experience as a steel fixer.

With the above two boxes checked, you will now continue on your journey to complete the NVQ. At this stage, you will have a dedicated tutor support throughout your journey. You will get to learn new things, improve on your craft, and adapt to the industry standards.

How Long Will This NVQ Take Me?

This NVQ can be completed in 8-12 weeks if you are pursuing it full-time. However, the time it takes to complete the qualification may vary depending on how open you are to receiving feedback and instructions from your assessor. Typically, most learners complete this NVQ in 12 weeks.

Why Should You Do This Qualification?

This will:

  • Give you a tangible proof of your prior learning, experience, and understanding of the industry.
  • Make you eligible for a CSCS Gold Supervisor Card.
  • Enhance your job prospects, as the construction industry is transitioning to a fully CSCS-certified workforce.
  • Earn you a certificate from ProQual.

Are There Any Academic Prerequisites To Undertake This Qualification?

There are no formal academic prerequisites to undertake the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Steelfixing Occupations. The qualification is designed for experienced steel fixers, so as long as you have the relevant work experience, you can start the qualification at any time.

The only requirement is that you are currently employed in a similar role on a construction site. This is because the qualification is based on your practical skills and knowledge, and you will need to be able to demonstrate these skills in the workplace.

How Will You Be Assessed For This NVQ?

After you decide to enrol on this NVQ, our team will send you a registration form to evaluate your current understanding and exposure to the industry. This is not some sort of strict examination, but a way for us to actually specify where you are in your journey. We ensure that our assessors work with our learners to help them address their shortcomings so they are prepared before they start the qualification.

This qualification is evaluated on your competency in your job role. It does not involve classes or webinars for the delivery of lectures. Instead, an assessor accompanies you and helps you improve and build upon your existing skill set. So, you will be asked to provide proof of your competency by compiling a portfolio of evidence. The evidence can possibly come in any of the following forms:
– Assignments/Projects/Reports

– Worksheets

– Portfolio Of Evidence

– Record Of Oral And/Or Written Questioning

Can You Fail This NVQ?

Since it’s not a conventional classroom room setup, you won’t necessarily fail this NVQ as long as you’re open to embracing feedback and adapting to the instructions provided by your assessor. In some cases, you may end up failing if you enroll and then disappear for some reason. So, make sure you stay connected with your assessor and keep them updated on your progress.

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