NPORS N202 – Excavator 360 Course

Step into the operator’s seat with confidence by enrolling in our NPORS N202 Excavator 360 Course. This comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to operate a 360 excavator safely and efficiently, making it an essential qualification for professionals in the construction and related industries.

Who Should Enroll? Our course is structured to accommodate a diverse range of skill levels. It is an ideal fit for complete beginners without prior experience, as well as seasoned operators looking to update their qualifications and safety practices. We ensure that every participant receives the attention and instruction necessary to master the operation of a 360 excavator.

Why Choose Our N202 Excavator 360 Course? By choosing our course, you are opting for a blend of quality, convenience, and comprehensive learning. Our training includes both practical and theory-based exercises, delivered by experienced trainers who are committed to providing an engaging and effective learning experience. The course is available nationwide and is designed to be captivating and impactful, conducive to your skill development.

Course Content: Participants in the course will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Pre-operational checks and daily maintenance
  • Manoeuvring and safe use of attachments
  • Understanding the manufacturer’s handbook for the Excavator 360
  • Preparing and operating the machine safely
  • End-of-shift procedures

Duration, Cost, and Certification: The course duration is tailored to your experience level, with up to ten days of training for novices, two days for refresher training, and one day for assessment-only sessions. Upon completion, you will receive an NPORS card, recognized across the UK construction industry. Please contact us for detailed cost information.

Join Our Course Today: Seize this opportunity to improve your skills and elevate your career prospects. Join our NPORS N202 Excavator 360 Course today to become a certified and competent excavator operator. We are eager to help you achieve your goals and become a leader in safe and efficient excavator operation.

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