Face Fit Testing

Our Face Fit Training course is specifically designed for those who work in environments where Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is essential. This classroom-based training ensures that participants are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to select and use RPE correctly, safeguarding their health in potentially hazardous settings.

What Students Will Learn:

  • Understanding RPE: Dive deep into the various types of masks available and their specific roles.
  • Selection and Usage: Learn how to choose the appropriate mask and understand common faults and failures of protective equipment.
  • Practical Face Fit Testing: Engage in hands-on sessions to ensure the right fit and understand the importance of a close fit to the skin.
  • Legal and Health Implications: Understand the legal responsibilities of employers and the health implications of not using RPE correctly.
  • Alternative RPE Options: For those with facial hair due to religious reasons, explore alternative forms of RPE available.

This course is essential for those who are exposed to environments with potential inhalation risks, such as asbestos spores, contaminated air, chemicals, gases, and other hazardous substances. It’s also crucial for those entering confined spaces. The training emphasizes the importance of a clean-shaven face to ensure the mask fits closely to the skin, preventing potential leaks.

Join us in our classroom sessions and ensure your safety and compliance with the necessary regulations.

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